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Performances - What we've done

The tambura/tamburitza was born a folk instrument --  a voice of the people.  It evolved from the Persian (Turkish) tambur into the many versions of tambur in existence today.  Throughout Eastern Europe people adopted and adapted the instrument, each group enhancing it with the unique stamp of their culture.  

Music and songs were unique to each village, and were preserved by one generation teaching the next. Today, that  village has expanded from a few square miles to encompass continents, and Šarena is happy to add their contribution to fostering the enjoyment of this diverse and versatile instrument and the multitude of cultures it represents.

Festivals & Conferences                       

Kent State Folk Festival  Kent, OH
1997, 1998, 2005

12th Annual Folk Alliance Conference
Cleveland, OH - 2000

American Slavic Festival  Phoenix, AZ 
2001, 2002, 2003

Tamburitza Association of America Annual Extravaganzas

Pittsburgh, PA -  1997
Reno, NV - 1998
Harrisburg, PA - 1999
St. Louis, MO - 2000
Reno, NV - 2001
New Orleans, LA - 2002
Chicago, IL - 2003
Harrisburg,  PA 2004 
Los Angeles, CA 2005

Detroit, MI - 2006

Reno, NV - 2007

Pittsburgh, PA 2008

Chicago, IL 2009

St. Louis, MO 2010

San Francisco, CA 2011

Columbus, OH 2012

Phoenix, AZ 2013

Pittsburgh, PA 2014

Chicago, IL 2015



*New* Sarena Live in Detroit   Andrews Sisters Medley video   

More videos from the Detroit Tamburitza Extravaganza and various other venues posted on U Tube. Unfortunately Honey was ill and unable to perform with us at the Detroit Extravaganza.   Zora Svanula       - U Srcu Mome                     - Nije Mene Duso Ubilo                    - Bekrija                    - Ej Kavano                   - Marko Kosi                    - Haj Doslo Vreme                   - Niti Sam Ja Gradjanka


"Featured Performers" at:
5th Ever San Francisco Tamburitza Festival
- San Francisco, CA
February 14-15, 2004
Sponsored by the Slavonic Cultural Center

"Featured Performers" at:
12th Ever San Francisco Tamburitza Festival
- San Francisco, CA

CFU Lodge 351 Fiftieth Anniversary – Warren, MI
March 27, 2004


Second Annual Tamburaland Festival       
May 30, 2004

Pittsburgh, PA

Four County Fraternal Day Picnic
July 18, 2004
Cokeburg, PA











Kent State University - Stark Extension 

Concert with Kosovo Men's Choir  

September 24, 2005  


Balalaika & Domra Ass'n of America Convention    

Akron, Ohio  July 9, 2006                                      


Behind the Scenes

 Musical accompaniment and brief appearance in documentary film "The Children of Lazo's Grove" .  Produced and Directed by Dr. Andrei Simic and Dr. Maria Simic through the Center for Visual Anthropology at University of Southern California. The film is a history of the last 100 years in the lives and struggles Slavic immigrants.  "Zivili, Medicine for the Heart" was also produced by Drs. Simic.


Musical accompaniment for Kosovo Men's Choir (Two CDs)

Information how to purchase CDs contact Kosovo Mens Choir.

                        Click to listen



Live radio performances on Croatian Hour, WKZV, Washington, PA


Šarena has performed throughout the United States at dances, picnics, tournaments, local festivals, private parties, weddings and other events, in churches, schools and clubs.  Picnics are great occasions for tambura music!


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