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Background &Biographies

Šarena Tamburitza Orchestra was created in 1996 by former members of two other female tambura orchestras -- The Trivanovich Sisters Orchestra and Danice.  The group is now comprised of  Denise Mulec on Bugarija;  Marci Coleff on 1st brac;  Mickey Arangelovich on 2nd brac. and Nisi Pozderac on Bass.  In 2013, all four members of  Šarena received the President's Award from the Tamburitza Association of America for outstanding contributions to the preservation and elevation of tamburitza music. All members of the orchestra have been inducted into the Tamburitza Hall of Fame and are the first and only all female orchestra to receive this honor.  In one way or another the tambura has always been a part of each of their lives.  The love of the tambura is deeply imbedded in their hearts.

Upon the death of +Honey Zimmerman on March 5, 2010, we lost one of our original members who was responsible for forming this group.  


Denise Mulec on bugarija began her involvement with tambura music as a member of a youth tamburitza orchestra.  Prior to joining Sarena, Denise performed with Danice.  She also has added her talents to teaching the next generation of tamburasi in youth orchestras.  Denise was inducted into the Tamburitza Hall of Fame on September 17, 2016 She adds her own steady vocals and rhythms to Šarena's arrangements.



Marci Coleff on 1st brac is yet another product of the tamburitza youth orchestras and a former member of Danice.  She is also a skilled vocalist and choral director, with a degree in each discipline, and is currently directing the Zumbercani Orchestra of Cleveland.  Marci received the 1994 Lou Cavic Founder's Award from the Tamburitza Ass'n..  Marci was inducted into the Tamburitza Hall of Fame on September 17, 2016.  She is the only person to have received all three awards from the TAA Her dulcet vocals and smooth melodies are highlights of Šarena's repertoires.



Mickey Arangelovich on 2nd brac began playing tambura as a young girl and performed throughout the U.S. and on radio and television with her sisters in the Trivanovich Sisters Orchestra.  She was inducted into the Tamburitza Hall of Fame in 2008 along with her sister +Honey.  Mickey lends her voice to several choral groups, and her solid harmony on the brac and rousing vocals are a popular contribution to and round out Šarena's diverse talent.  In 2011 she received her  Tamburitza Association of America's 50-Year Anniversary Award.




Nisi Pozderac on bass started playing tambura at a young age learning from various members of the Trivanovich Family and performing with a youth tamburitza orchestra.  Nisi played the cello with the Trivanovich Sisters Orchestra and then with the Seceri Orchestra.  Nisi was inducted into the Tamburitza Hall of Fame on September 17, 2016.  Her strong and creative bass lines and vocals are a pleasant addition and blend well with the versatile style of Šarena.



Honey Zimmerman on bugarija has been playing the tambura since she was five years old.  Honey was part of the family's Trivanovich Sisters Orchestra and later played with the Seceri Orchestra.  In 2000, Honey was the recipient of the Tamburitza Association of America's 50-Year Anniversary Award.  She was inducted into the Tamburitza Hall of Fame in 2008.  On March 5, 2010 +Honey Zimmerman, lost her four year courageous battle with ovarian cancer.  She will be deeply missed by both her bandmates and fellow tamburaši.




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